Sun Power Metering.

We specialise in the installation of Grid Connect Sun Power meters. If you have recently had or about to have a PV Grid Connect Solar Power System installed to your property contact us to arrange the installation of the Sun Power Meter to your switchboard. The process is this simple :

  • Obtain a copy of the 'Permission To Connect' letter from Integral Energy (talk to your installer about this application process to receive this letter)
  • Obtain a copy of the ' Certificate of Compliance - Electrical Work' from the installing Electrician.
  • Installation of the Sun Power Meter by David Borg Electrical & Solar.
Switchboards can vary from one premise to the next and some may not have enough room left to install the Sun Power Meter or may need a bit of a shuffle whilst others the meter will just fit straight in. We strongly recommend that you take a digital photo of the panel inside your meter box and simply email it to us with your details attached and we will reply within a few days with an estimated cost to install the Sun Power Meter. It's that easy!

If you are unsure or a little confused of the whole process of organising a Solar Installation and then having to organise the metering as well why not contact us to quote and install the whole system including the metering making it much simpler for you.