Grid Connect Solar PV Installations.

Electricity bill gone up again? Want to be paid for generating electricity from the sun? Want to feel good about doing something about your carbon footprint and reduce green house gases? A simple installation of our Grid Connect PV system to your roof can do all this! Solar is far from a new industry but is becoming more popular with Government Rebates and Feed In Tarrifs. Solar Grid Connect PV works like this :

  • Solar Panels are fitted to your roof
  • An inverter is installed on an exterior wall of your premise or in a garage or other room of adequate ventilation.
  • Power from the Inverter is fed back into the Grid via a Sun Power Meter.
Solar Grid Connect PV installations have no moving parts and require very little maintenance. They can be fitted to tile or tin roofs and if you have a flat roof we can install on manufactured stands to tilt your panels up to the correct angle. There are no batteries to store power and you enjoy the benefits of using power from the grid at night or cloudy /overcast days when less Solar Power is generated. We use quality products that stand the test of time backed up by generous warranties by their manufacturers. We are accredited with The Clean Energy Council to design and install your installation. We are also Accredited Service Providers with Integral Energy so we can do the full installation including your metering. Contact us now to discuss your installation.